• Keynotes & town halls. Global board meetings

  • Used in change management initiatives. Mergers & acquisitions 

  • High stakes presentations and pitches


The biggest brands in the world send their leaders to work with Dr. Tanvi. Now it's your turn.

Cut to the chase! 

Learn to identify and zero in on the needs of your target audience. 

"Done for you" templates

Every master storyteller was once a beginner. Short-circuit your learning curve with time-tested templates and cheat sheets to hit the ground running quickly. 

Real time Comments

Get feedback and comments throughout the program on your signature story inside your peer mentoring pods.

Power up your story grid

leave the program with   stories to leverage and how to identify the one that works. No more excuses, just plug and play the right story at the right time.

Human Beings run on story.

How fast and how far will yours take you ?


I am

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Multi-award winning executive coach,

International keynote speaker

Best selling author,

Social media influencer 6 years in a row by SHRM,

Winner of the game changer awards by the Workforce magazine (USA)

You can see my professional journey on Linkedin by clicking on that link, so let me share some of the story not there.


  I am someone who considers chocolate and cheese as a well balanced meal! I  prefer Prosecco to water, and I am travel-obsessed (Istanbul & Venice anyone?) and also a very impatient mom (certified by my son) !


Some of my best stories come from my clients who surprise themselves by far exceeding their own expectations after they work with me. I firmly believe - you must create the future you wish to inherit. 


So before you go, here is a question: 

What will become possible for you,

if you were to allow yourself 

to step into your irresistible influence and impact through storytelling ? 

3 Pillars of the System

Bonus sessions

Deep dive with the experts

Julian Mather

Discovery Channel, BBC, ABC, National Georaphic trusted him to tell the perfect story with the right lighting & camera. What can he teach you about being effortless & authentic in your online presentations ? Live session.

Marianna Pascal

Her TedX talk crossed 5 million views !  Imagine, what can you learn from her on  building engagement in your presentations.

Darren Menabney

Global expert in combining design thinking with storytelling. As a contributor to Forbes and Fast company he knows how content can be wrapped in stories. 

Tom Fishburne

Likely the only Harvard Business School graduate who is world famous for his cartoons. How can he help you bring more laughter in with your stories ? How can you make your idea more endearing ? 

Brent Dykes

Brent is the award winning author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals.  If he has helped leaders at Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe and more he surely has something to teach you ! 

 Tanvi Gautam stands out as a bold and brilliant voice of today. A master storyteller who knows the purpose of sharing her stories is to inspire others to craft and share their own.”


Ron Kaufman, New York Times

 bestselling author of Uplifting Service


Tanvi is a powerful keynote speaker and storyteller.


She takes the business & strategic conversation and integrates it into a compelling narrative for your audience and clients. Having worked with her one on one, I believe her work in the c-suite is much appreciated and needed.


Whether translating go to market strategies for clients or C-suite presentations, her insights add the storyline that connects the dots

Rama Sridhar

Experienced Business Head| Growth Strategist| Partner to the Digital payment World,


Tanvi was phenomenal in helping us navigate through the art of communicating effective stories that resonates, even if we have a “ dry topic” to pitch.


I enjoyed her expert insights and her commanding presence in honing this often neglected skill set- a solid Business or personal story resonates and will help one secure support and resources for causes we represent.


Dr Tanvi is masterful and highly recommended for anyone who wants to raise the bar.

Fredrik Fong

Head of Asia,

WHF Franchise, Zuellig Pharma

“Inspirational. Practical. Unapologetic. Passionate. Supportive. These are just a few truths in describing the wonderful individual that is Dr. Tanvi. If you ever get the chance to work with her you will truly expand both your mindset and skillset. I was inspired by her in less than an hour and continue to be a follower of her work many years after her session learning much from her global perspective and deep insights combined with a flair for storytelling !

Michelle Nunis,

Marketing director Campbell Soup;

Ex- Head of Marketing Pepsico Malaysia